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Working Studio and Art Exhibitions
County Clare, Ireland

Working Studio

The working studio is bright and comfortable. Each person has his/her own studio-sized easel equipped with a flexible daylight simulation lamp - specifically designed for painting and is invaluable for long, dark winter and rainy days. So, whether you like standing or sitting in comfort, the choice is yours.

Situated in a lovely rural setting of County Clare about 6km from Kilrush, you will have a wonderful time escaping into my world.

studio portrait class portrait class

Art Exhibitions

I am so proud of the excellent work produced by my students and they all deserve recognition for their wonderful works of art. So, every year I arrange an exhibition where they can proudly show their talents to friends and family and have the opportnity to sell their paintings.

In February 2009 we had our first exhibition and it was absolutely brilliant with over a 100 people attending the opening night. From people who had never thought they could paint to those who are more experienced, each and every one proudly displayed their works and we had a wonderful, fun time. My students even sold some of their paintings and for me it was the most wonderful experience to see their glowing faces.

Indeed, Art is for Everyone and anyone can enjoy this experience with us.

Please see the Youtube video for photo's of our 2009 and 2010 exhibitions.

student exhibition student exhibition
student exhibition student exhibition
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